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Rosehip Vital 500mg 250 Capsules

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"The original Rose Hip Vital capsule is made from 100% pure and natural rosehip fruit and is a scientifically and clinically tested anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant"

Rosehip can help with the following;

* temporarily relieve the pain of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism
* increase joint mobility
* relieve inflammation and joint swelling
* improve osteoarthritis symptoms in the hands
* improve sleep when affected by joint discomfort
* improve the symptoms of lower back pain

What You Should Know About Rosehip

Rosehip has been used for centuries as an ingredient in skincare and more recently as a natural anti-inflammatory. So how do you know if a supplement can deliver on its promise?

Several factors will support claims made and one should take note of that when choosing any supplement, including Rosehip.


Rose-Hip Vital is the only product in the world which contains the patented Galactolipid GOPO® compound.

According to scientific research* the Galactolipid GOPO® isolated from dried and milled fruits of Rosa canina by bioassay-guided fractionation is an anti-inflammatory agent with inhibitory effects on chemotaxis of human peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro. It's presence in Rose-Hip Vital explains the clinically observed anti-inflammatory properties of rose hip herbal remedies.

* An Anti-inflammatory Galactolipid from Rose Hip (Rosa canina) that Inhibits Chemotaxis of Human Peripheral Blood Neutrophils in Vitro

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