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The ability to breathe freely through the nose during sleep, rather than the mouth, is essential to optimising our sleep, as well as our long term health.

If congestion, blockages, a deviated septum, or simply narrow airways are affecting your ability to breathe freely, disrupting your sleep or contributing to snoring, then Mute may be right for you.

A simple but effective first line of defence, Mute sits comfortably inside the nose increasing airflow and improving breathing.

We recommend to use each Mute up to 10 times each following the cleaning and storage instructions.


Your nose is as unique as your fingerprint so we have created a sizing guide to help you select the right Mute for you. Simply print out this page and carefully cut around the dotted line of a sizing guide and follow the steps below to size your nose. When printing, select ‘Actual Size’ under page sizing options to ensure guides are printed to scale. TIP: Generally, as men are either medium or large and women are either small or medium, we recommend that you cut out the medium guide first.


The trial pack contains 1 x small, 1 x medium and 1 x large device.

Small contains three small mute devices and provides a 30 nights supply.

Medium contain three medium mute devices providing 30 nights supply.

Large contain three large mute devices providing 30 nights supply.

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