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LYNX Giftset Body Spray Collection 5 Pack 825mL 2021

$21.99 $35

Why chose one when you can have it all with the Lynx Collection Gift Set? This bumper pack contains all his favourite Lynx classics so he will be smelling fresh for a very loooooonggggggg time - how good! Lynx Africa is the ultimate iconic Lynx fragrance. It has always been our most popular fragrance and that's for a very good reason... It smells mighty fine. Lynx Africa Body Spray combines an exotic mix of warm African spices and aromas. This classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat’s coming from. Lynx Black is a subtle fragrance that doesn’t have to try hard. It makes its presence felt with notes of watermelon, bergamot and frozen pear and is one of our all-time best sellers. Lynx Black Night Body Spray has an energising fragrance with fresh citrus, mint, cedar and sandalwood undertones to keep you refreshed all day. Lynx Voodoo is a dynamic, spicy scent with bergamot, lime and mandarin built with a kick of zest to keep you feeling fresh all day long. Lynx Dark Temptation is a subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn. No need to choose, try them all with the Lynx Collection Gift set.

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