Azzaro Wanted by Night is the weapon of seduction of a modern-day Gatsby.  A dashing creature of the night, bold and magnetic, who catches the light and creates a buzz wherever he goes

This Eau de Parfum is the scented messenger announcing an epic night when overpowering cinnamon and exuberantly woody red cedar meet the commanding sensuousness of a tobacco harmony. All in an impossibly elegant bottle. Unforgettable.

Fragrance family: Woody-Oriental-Spicy

An Eau de Parfum carried by : 

- At its dawn: Cinnamon

- At its zenith: Red Cedar

- At its dusk: Tabacco


INTOXICATING ACCORDS: Seductive, Azzaro Wanted is a troublemaker. The creation plays on both woody, hot notes and spicy, fresh aromas. This Spicy-Woody-Citrus creation, with bursting aromas of Lemon and Ginger, becomes more delicate under the effect of Cardamom and pyrogenized Cade Juniper. It leaves a highly sensual trail, marked by the Tonka Bean and Vetiver, Desire and a highly desirable, radiant perfume are born from this intense harmony.


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