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Medications are important to improve our health and well-being. Sometimes, having multiple medications can be confusing and can lead to taking medication incorrectly. This can be significantly harmful to your health which can cause adverse medical events such as over or under use of medicines. In Australia, over or under use of medicines is a common cause of hospital admissions.  Therefore, Simply Pharmacy acknowledges this issue and provides an innovative medication management method known as Dose Administration Aids or more commonly known as “Webster Packs” to help patients to take the right medicines at the right time. 

What is a Webster-Pack?

A webster pack is a simple and safe blister packed kit that securely seals capsules and tablets in each blister compartment based on the prescribed dosage time. These webster pack includes:

  • Seven rows representing seven days, and 
  • Four columns for each dosage time of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime). 
  • List of all the medications in the pack and when to take your medication 

What we will take care of:

  • Packing your medication for weekly or fortnightly packs 
  • Maintaining your prescriptions by liaising with patients and doctors for new supply  
  • Ensure accuracy of medications by communicating with your doctor 
  • Delivery of your medication if needed (check with your local Simply Pharmacy)
  • Managing your safety net eligibility

What are the Benefits?

  • Easy to track medications
  • Right medications are being taken at the right time 
  • Vitamins and supplement can also be included 
  • Reduces mix-ups 
  • Reduces over and/or under use of medicines  
  • Tailored to each individual and their needs 

Who is it for?

  • Clients taking multiple medicines 
  • Clients needing assistance with managing their medicines
  • School children on regular medication
  • Health enthusiasts taking multiple supplements
  • Hospital discharge patients
  • Special accommodation homes
  • Hostels, group homes or low care homes
  • Clients receiving support services etc.

Come visit one of our stores or contact your local Simply Pharmacy for a consultation with one of our Dispensing Technicians or Pharmacists

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