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Vaccinations are simple, safe, and effective method of protecting people against harmful diseases before coming in contact with them. Vaccinations not only boosts our body’s natural immunity to disease; it also prevents the spread of diseases. 

How do vaccinations strengthen your immune system?

When a pharmacist injects a vaccine, the immune system reacts to the weak ‘invaders’ and generates antibodies to protect you against future infections. The vaccinations help the immune system in recoginising and fighting against specific germs. 

When in the future, you come across the virus, your immune system will automatically generate antibodies to fight against the virus. 

What vaccinations are available at Simply Pharmacy? 

  • Flu Vaccinations                                             
  • Whooping Coughs                                          
  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

Please contact your local Simply Pharmacy for pricing. 

Why choose Simply Pharmacy?

  • Walk-in, no prescription needed. 
  • Over 15 friendly, professional, and trained pharmacists 
  • Private consultations rooms


The pharmacist will ask you to stay in the store for 15 minutes after being vaccinated to monitor any reactions or answer any questions. The pharmacist will also recommend drinking plenty of fluids and resting.

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