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A MedsCheck is a service designed to provide in-pharmacy medicine review between pharmacists and patients to enhance quality use of Medicines and reduce the number of adverse medicine events. These services aim to support self-management of medicines by evaluating patient’s knowledge about their medicines. 


A MedsCheck is a 15-30-minute consultation with one of our Simply Pharmacy pharmacists who will review and discuss all your medications. After the discussion, the pharmacist will provide you with a documented “Action Plan” which aims to help you manage your medications and health better.   During the MedsCheck consultation the Pharmacist will provide advice on:

  • What the medications are used for
  • How they should be taken and stored 
  • How they can affect other medical conditions 
  • Any side effects and any other relevant information 

Who can benefit from a MedsCheck?

  • Recently discharged patients from the hospital 
  • Patients taking several medicines (prescription and non-prescription medicines)
  • Patients who have had changes made to their medicines 
  • Patients who attend more than one doctor 
  • Patients who are unsure or confused about their medicines 
  • Patients who have type 2 diabetes
  • Patients who use devices that assist with medication management such as blood glucose monitoring or inhalers etc. 

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