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What is the purpose of this?

A home medicines review (HMR) is a service funded by the Australian Government that ensure people are getting the best from their medicines. It involves an accredited pharmacist who visits your home to check if you are taking the right medications and if they are being taken the right way.  The registered pharmacist will sit down with you and/or your carer to discuss your medications.  The pharmacist will review all prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, vitamins and supplements.  

What are the benefits of Home Medicines Review?

Starting a new medicine? 

When starting a new medicine, having a Home Medicine Review can be highly beneficial in building good understanding about the medicine. The Pharmacist will sit down with you and provide information about: 

  • What the medicine is used for
  • How it will help you & how long the medicine needs to be taken for
  • Any special instructions (with or without food & any precautions etc.)

Been to the hospital recently?

If you were in the hospital recently, and had changes made to your medications, it is highly recommended that a Home Medicine Review is conducted. The Home Medicine Review with the pharmacist will help:

  • in making sure that you are taking the right medicines that your doctor intended (especially in doubling up of medicines which can be done with different brand names) 
  • check any medications that may no longer be needed
  • communicating any changes with your doctor more effectively.
  • Losing track of your medications 

    We understand that medications can be confusing and hard to remember which medicine to take at what time (check out our Webster pack services). The Home Medicine Review provides an opportunity where the pharmacist will:

    • Take you through all your medications 
    • Provide an updated list of all your medications
    • Provide advice on how to manage them properly
    • Advise you what to do if you miss a dose 
    • Give practical tips for how to use your medicines. E.g. Eye drops or inhalers etc. 

    Are your medications causing side effects?

    During the Home Medication Review, the Pharmacist will inform you about the all the possible side effects and what can be done if they occur. The Pharmacist will identify any medications causing any side effects, if so, they will consult with your doctor.

    Are you cared by more than one doctor?

    The Home Medicine Review will give an opportunity for the pharmacist to check all medications including prescription and non-prescription medicines (such as vitamins etc.) by other doctors and/or health professionals are suitable to take together. The pharmacist will then provide an updated list to your doctor. 

    Need advice on how to store and dispose of your medicines?

    Certain medications need to be stored at a certain temperature. At the Home Medicines Review, the Pharmacist will provide advice on:

    • the correct ways to store your medicines
    • on how to safely dispose unwanted or expired medicines

    What is the process of the Home Medicines Review? 

    1. Your doctor or any other health professional may suggest a Home Medicines Review. 

    2. The Pharmacist who will conduct the Home Medicine Review will contact you and confirm the right day, time, and location (usually at your own home) to visit you.

    3. The pharmacist will visit you and discuss your medicines

    4. After the visit, the Pharmacist will send a Home Medicine Review report to your doctor. This report will highlight their understanding of your medication intake and their findings. 

    5. The doctor will see you after the Home Medicine Review. In this visit the doctor will discuss any changes to your medications that need to be implemented and your doctor will write a Medicine Management Plan for you and to your preferred Community Pharmacy. 

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